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I'm passionate about creating delightful moments. I get to use aesthetics, motion and design to bring brands to life and move businesses into a more profitable place.

How I got
started in

After working in marketing I quickly found that I wanted to know more about the whole user experience and customer journey. I started to make websites for friends, learning more and realized I really enjoyed everything design.

What I've been
working on

I worked at an agencies making apps and websites for businesses. I've worked with some big names and some small and I always enjoy a challenge and love to show up and see what we have to work with.

What I'm

I curious about mental health and how technology is influencing how we take care of each other. I enjoy learning about everything from latest in tech to team building dynamics. I love to read books, listen to podcasts and learn how things work. I'm curious how to build solutions that lead to more connection and are sustainable for the long term.

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