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Non-Profit Website Redesign

This nonprofit needed a modernized site that would attract a broader audience to bolster their vision and mission.

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A before and after of web design
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People couldn't donate online and the site didn't reflect the current company.


Webflow Development
Web Design
Brand Identity

I did this project by myself and developed the site on Webflow.


Going over previous donor data and interviewing the director we established two personas that represented new donors they wanted to attract.

Persona : Michelle - 38 Teacher, has 1 kid. Goal: log into telehealth appointment so she has confidence before her appointment starts. Behaviors :Busy,Not tech savvy , drinks lots of coffee


I had to boil down what the non-profit did and make sense of it as an everyday person. I discovered we needed to figure out how to communicate their vision so that the rest of the site made sense. I knew if I put some graphics on the page, the words needed to bring clarity.

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Project takeaways

Budget Choices

I learned where cutting corners can be smart on things like using Webflow to develop the website, but not on user testing.

Research Saves Time

I tried to make a quick mock up and found out that it saves time to start with the users.

Picture of UX sketching and ideation and problem solving.

Keep It Simple

I started to make this project more complicated by explaining too many options and going down rabbit trails. What it needed was simplicity.

Message Is Key

I had to wrestle with understanding the message and how to explain their vision. It took time but it was actually the cornerstone of the of the project.

You Are Not The User

I almost missed having the mailing address on the website. I did user testing I found out that people like to send checks and that it's really important to Joan's persona.


I've always known user testing to be important and it saved the day when prototyping this project. I learned that I needed the contact info in full to help people send checks and keep anonymity (super important to Joan). I also made the navigation bar fixed so it would scroll with the page and added a donate button to the mobile site for easy access. I was most surprised at how hard it was to nail down the messaging and how that extended the length of this project. If I hadn't gone in with the expectation that it would be easy, I could have saved a lot of time and I'm glad I learned from that to set better expectations in the future.

Circle decoration visual
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